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In his post-Follow! letter, Bishop Richard said that both he and Bishop Alistair were very encouraged by the Follow! events. The events were indeed a huge success across our diocese, with over 1000 people participating in Autumn events which included All-Age Teas, Pints of View, Big Meetings and Pop-up Cafes.


Each event was grounded in prayer, with many of the venues opening early so that people could work their way round various prayer stations.


Then the Bishops got people thinking about:


What is the Christian good news today?

What stories of encouragement do you have to share?

What dreams and hopes do you have for the future?


In turn, those who attended had space to ask the Bishops questions about faith, the diocese and everything in between!


Key Themes


Some of the key themes which emerged from the Bishops conversations were:


We each have a story to tell and good news to share

Sometimes all that is needed is a one degree shift

What one thing can you do to break new ground by Easter next year?

The Christian Gospel is Good News, not good advice




Our text for the Follow! events was Luke 24:13-35 'The Road to Emmaus'. Click here to read it

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