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Covid19 - the impact on our churches and congregations.


I am sure that you have heard that under the newest rules brought in to protect us all from Covid-19, Churches are to be closed. We are still trying to work out exactly how we continue to meet the needs of our community in these circumsances, and will try to keep everyone fully informed 

Please be sure that although our doors are shut, we are still praying for all of those who live and work in our parishes and beyond. 

If you have names that you would like us to remember in prayer, or know of eople who are in need that we might be able to help, please call us on 01432 353717 or email office@stmartinshereford.org.uk


With prayers for your safety and well-being,


Anne Dowdeswell, 24.03.2020 

We are planning to livestream a service from St Martin's on Sundays at 9:30am. This service will not be open to the public, but you are very welcome to join in at home and this is the order of service that will be used




Order of Service

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